Ups and Downs

Thursday was my day to volunteer at the Bayside Information Centre - and that went well.  Despite the fact that it is run down, awful, etc I do have a bit of fun there and meet some amazing people.  We met one couple who sailed their boat up from Melbourne and fly back there several times a month.  What a life.  Getting to the airport is always a challenge and costly which ever way one goes.

Then I went off to see my daughter and granddaughters, the latter have spend much of their school holidays with their other grandparents in Rockhampton, so I had a quick lunch there, and headed back to the house sit at Birkdale.

One task that I had to do was phone an organisation because money had come out of my account - and it took a long time to fix that, and then the computer goes haywire - seems I have run out of data on the house internet program, so have to use my dongle.

A couple of other things didn't work well for me, so instead of ranting I'll close.


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