Two Months of Great Things for Writers and Bloggers

With my study behind me it is time to finish some of the manuscripts that I have languishing in my computer, however, I still expect to find time to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Nanowrimo.

One thing that I am eternally grateful for is my typing lessons at high school.  I was in the academic stream at high school, but was not focussed, so at the end of third year I changed schools and did a 'commercial' course which included shorthand, typing and bookkeeping.  I did work in an office when I finished my schooling, and have done some clerical work over the years but cooped in an office never appealed - so I went off searching for other careers, which included nursing and teaching.

I haven't checked my typing speed in recent years and don't care to really - but I know that as a writer my typing skills have been a great help to me.  I can put more words on paper in half the time that my one finger keyboard fellow writers can.  I know that any writer who with typing skills will agree with me.

Someone mentioned the programs that one can speak to and they will put your words 'on paper'.  I've used them, but it takes much longer to correct the misinterpretations than it does to type it - at least that is my experience.

So - I will be busy writing and learning in October and November.


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