Ten Years On ................

Today we remember the terrible bombing in Kuta, Bali, in 2002, where terrorists set off some bombs killing and maiming many people in and around the Paddy's Bar and the Sari Club in a place that until then was known as a holiday destination for people all around the world.

There were 202 people killed, , (including 88 Australians, and 38 Indonesian citizens) and some  240 people were injured, some losing limbs and/or being terrible scarred by burns as a result of the bomb and fires there that ripped through the place.

It was the first time that Australians had been targeted in such a horrific event - and we know that around the world such acts of barbarism and terrorism are still continuing in a terrible fight by people who must be filled with much hatred.

We still get emotional when we think of the terrible loss of life, and share the sadness of family and friends of those involved.

I watched last night as a television program detailed the amazing work done by the Indonesian police and the Australian Federal Police in their efforts to capture those responsible, and amazing bravery of those involved in the  rescue of  those who survived.

I find it hard to imagine why some people go to such lengths to destroy the lives of fellow humans - it just does not make sense to me that they somehow enjoy perpetrating these vicious crimes.

Bali suffered in many ways as a result of the bombings, and those in the tourist industry in particular were particularly hard hit, though Bali is now a popular tourist place, but with the fear having over the visitors as they/we cannot forget these horrible events.

I did visit Bali in February 2012, and did not go into Kuta, though a visit planned early in 2013, will I am hoping ensure that I get to spend time there remembering those whose lives were so affected.

There is a memorial service occurring in Bali, this morning, with the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard in attendance, and Hon John Howard, who was Prime Minister at the time of the disaster.

My thoughts go to those involved - it is not only those killed or injured in these horrific events, but the families, and the many many people who worked at that time and since to help in the recovery of the people and Bali.

For more information on the Bali Bombings click here.


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