Strange Things Happen .................

I was looking forward to presenting at a Writer's Festival on Saturday and set off to get there earlier.  It was a great venue, and some of the presenters were there - but no participants.  I won't name the organisation, but I was stunned to learn that they let their presenters travel to the event knowing that no one had booked and paid.  I did think it was very expensive - but the fact that none of their members had booked, leaving the organiser sadly alone to face the presenters. I was annoyed - a nearly 100 km return journey and no payment expected.

I knew one of the other presenters and I chatted with him, and there was someone I had not met before and she turned out to be a gem, and we have made arrangements to communicate and she may well become my mentor.  So in the end I was excited to have gone and met her, making the trip very much worthwhile for me.

Also I did receive the gift that all presenters would normally have been given AFTER they did their talk.    Some nice things in the bag including an amazing bottle of wine.

The skies were dotted with kites attached to boarders skimming the sea

Preparing their craft on the shore

I had planned to meet a friend later, so I set off to her place, but had to wait a while as she was out shopping, so I ventured to the waterfront at Sandgate.  It was a very windy day, but great weather for kite boarders.  I was amazed how many there were.

I did get to meet up with my friend later, and we had a great chat - catching up with family news.  She has been a friend for nearly 40 years - so special!


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