Screens and Screams

Happy Birthday Screen Queensland.  A friend and I called in to see the folks to celebrate and network of course.  Their office is at 111 George Street, and they were showing some great Aussie films in the foyer, which was a shame as one really couldn’t see or hear properly.  Perhaps a marquee or similar might have made it better viewing.  We stayed long enough to have a break, a drink of water, some freebie chocolates and collect a goodie bag.

We had earlier called in for my friend to collect her Visa as she is luckily visiting  China for 6 weeks – attending a wedding of a friend in China who paid for her ticket to go.  I am not that lucky!  The new office for Chinese Visa’s is in Ann St, not far from Central Station, so much easier to get to, especially if one has to return a few times.  You generally need to pick up your visa personally.

Then it was home.  Actually I wondered if I would make it back to the house at Birkdale – there are roadworks in the street, and initially I was told I had to turn right.  I needed to turn left to reach the house.  No.  When I said I lived at No 11 – there was a bit of a flurry and discussion and I was let through.  I need some milk, but I think the workers and trucks will be gone soon, so I will go then.

I had hoped to put my tent up this afternoon and I did. I have a 4 Man Oztrail for my travels and hope NOT to use it.  Thought though that I had better try and pitch it.

I have joked that I have a four man tent - supposedly room for me and three blokes.  I only hope the blokes come to help me pitch it!!!  Then they can go!  The instructions were a bit challenging but I found a video on Youtube, so watched that and away I went.  The square of lawn I chose to do it – the area which is not peppered with dog poo - was a tight squeeze.  I did it in the end, though I am hoping I never have to use  the tent..  It is easy enough, but quite physical, and I have to note a few things.

 Note to Self
(1) Get a mallet.  It is not easy with a brick!
(2) Do not pitch tent in blazing sun
(3) Do not wear tight jeans when pitching tent.  It is too hard to bend down to put pegs in.

My tent before I put the fly on.


Chris said…
Ah the joys of camping! When we get a bit older the challenges are greater! I know that from recent experience. Anyway you have a roof over your head in case you really need it and that is important.
Happy travels. So now, is it possible to make my URL below into a link?
Di Hill said…
I can click on your name "Chris" which will take me to your blog. Thanks for dropping by.

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