Over 50's Living

On the return journey to Brisbane from Mooloolaba we took a detour to a little coastal village called Beachmere.  I have been looking for somewhere to live when I return from my round Australia jaunt - and Beachmere does fit the profile that I have written down.

It is a small spot with a country feel - in fact most of the land on either side of the road to Beachmere from the Sunshine Coast Motorway is farmland.  We drove along the road to the north, which runs parallel to the beach, and on the way back visited a place that advertises that it is accommodation for over 50's.  We were shown one of the apartments - so tiny, but ok.  Not much in the way of facilities, and as we discovered (a) by watching the residents as they made their way to afternoon activities, and (b) from the caretaker, that most of those living there were very senior.  I doubt I would fit in well there!!!  Still the rent was cheap and I could afford it.  But no, that is not where I want to live.

On the way into Beachmere we had seen a sign about an "over 50's resort", called Beachmere Sands Resort,  so we went to explore that.    We found the sales office deserted, or so we thought.  We went to each of the five or so doors and each was locked, but we heard a male voice inside, so tapped on a window.

Soon we were face to face with a wonderful guy - who after some initial discussion, took us in the resort bus to show us around.  It was the first time I had ridden in a bus where the door closed and opened on the press of a button!!!

Our first stop was the Beach House.  As the resort is not actually on the waterfront, the owner has created a wonderful beachfront house where residents, their family and friends, can meet and enjoy the water and the amazing facilities within the house itself.

Next stop was the resort - we saw some of the facilities including the gardens where residents grow fruit and vegetables, where residents store their caravans and boats, and into the resort itself and a tour of quite a few of the villa's.  Awesome.  My friend and I could imagine ourselves there.  The villa's were extremely well appointed, surrounded by beautiful gardens.  Just the sort of place I want to live in.

(I will have to add to my bank account though - as I have a shortfall.  The villas are not expensive, so hoping a contract or two for writing will help increase the bank balance I can negotiate to move in!!!)

The community facilities are awesome.  A huge pool and spa area, a club house with everything that anyone would want, restaurant, convenience store, library, internet, card and games room, a craft room, doctors room, hair dressing salon and much more.  Do you get the idea?  Pick me!

Our host treated us to coffee/tea in the little Coffee Shop, and some really yummy biscuits that I found difficult to refuse seconds and thirds!  I could move there tomorrow.  No, today.  Just a little matter of cash shortfall.


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