More Research - Caravans and Motorhomes

Every time I drive to get my mail I pass Brisbane Camperland, and often wondered if I should call in and have a look at some of the many vans they have there.  So yesterday I did.  I met a great guy there who showed me a great van. A 20 footer, which would be great, though (a) I have never driven anything quite that big and (b) I can't afford it.

I must say I was impressed though - I could imagine making my home in one of the vans I looked at, which was around the $110,000 mark, and had fabulous bed, kitchen with microwave, stove top, (2 burners), and plenty of storage space.

Still not sure that I would be comfortable driving one, though it had rear vision camera, and lots of things to make it easier - and the driver's seat is awesome.  I promised if I won the Lotto on Tuesday night (First Prize is $50 million), I would come and get one. As if.  I mean, as if I would win.  And, if I won, would I not want to do something more luxurious with my new found wealth.

Still, we can dream.  I do know of folk that do travel this way.  One is Vicki, who has a blog which she is now updating from her tablet (and I wish she would do some spell checking), but her journey is interesting and it appears there are lots of solo women travellers.  Check Vicki's blog here.

Mean while, I still plan the journey in my car.   


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