Five W and Queensland University

Yesterday I attended the regular meeting and lunch of Brisbane's chapter of 5W - Women Welcome Women World Wide, an organisation of which I have been a member since 2005.  I read an article about the friendships created by this organisation which is based in London, but with members all around the world.

As a solo traveller often, I have found the members to be particularly hospitable and I expect to meet some on my travels around Australia.

Every two months a meeting and luncheon is held at the Women's College, which is on the grounds of and part of, the University of Queensland.  It is here in this wonderful old building that celebrates the aspirations and successes of women at the university that we meet.

The wall of fragrant jasmine adjacent to the Womens College.
Desserts.   Yum.

Jacarandas on the edge of the lake

The food is wonderful, and meeting other women, most of them seniors, and learning about their travels is always most interesting and inspiring.  It is amazing what these women get up to.

I will not be able to attend meetings for some months as I will be travelling, but will keep up to date with them via email, and will send photos and stories for their newsletter.

I do enjoy visiting the campus - which is like a mini city.  I seldom venture further than the Women's College and the lake area, as I have no need or right to visit much of the campus, though they have a huge art gallery which I might visit one day.

It is right on the Brisbane River, that snakes around a large part of the campus, and the City Cat stops there, so students can take a leisurely trip to the campus.  The sporting fields  - tennis courts, cricket ovals, swimming pools, athletics tracks surrounded by most beautiful trees and landscaping, make one wish that I had studied there, although Griffith University is wonderful too - though it features Australian bushland.

I have met students who live and study on the campus, and am a little green with envy at times as to be a young person with all these wonderful buildings, inspiration and great study opportunities would be am amazing experience.

I have done my two degrees mostly off campus - the first one I did attend some lectures, but the second, all my lectures were on CD or video online.  I was not surrounded by the inspiration, buildings, or people that help make study so inspiring.   I am not complaining, just contemplating what student life would be like if I had an opportunity to meet and work with my fellow students, and communicate more with my lecturers and tutors, rather than doing it all online.

Around October each year in Brisbane, the jacaranda trees burst into bloom, and we say that the flowers come at exam time.   There are many jacaranda trees throughout QU campus.  Enjoy.


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