Early Morning Walks

I miss my e-bike, which I hope to have here next week, so I walk.  I enjoy walking too, though often a little cautious because of my right leg/foot which sometimes play up, but I managed a lovely walk yesterday through bushland, and today along the waterfront.

Yesterday's highlight was seeing at lest 14 lizards - I am not sure what species they were, but one looked like a large 'water dragon' as it had frills around its head, and none of the others did.  Was it a bloke with a harem of 13 female lizards?  I don't know.  Some were in the grounds of the Birkdale School and as I walked along the path there, they ran in all directions.  There may have been more than 14, as I tried not to count ones that I had already counted.  I must go again, with my big camera to see if I can get shots of them.

Today's walk was highlighted by the people I met.  Mostly it was a 'good morning' or 'hello' but at the park overlooking Moreton Bay I saw a lady doing exercises that I would expect to see in China.  She spoke with me, saying hello, so I stopped and chatted.  She was married, to a guy originally from New Zealand, and had been in Australia for nearly 3 years.  W was lovely to chat with, and we talked about life in Australia compared with life in China.  She goes back every couple of years to see her family, but loves Australia and will stay here.

Along the way I saw a guy with two labradors and one was called "Rocky" I think. He commanged "Rocky, sit!" but Rocky ignored him.  One of the dogs had done a poo, and he was trying to make both dogs sit while he picked it up in the plastic bag.  Rocky refused to sit, and two other folk stopped with me to watch, from across the road, the defiance of Rocky!

They are a lovely couple, have a caravan and travel around Australia and we chatted for quite a while and I will meet up with them shortly.

One of the perks of house sitting - meeting new people.  Today is a good day.


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