Camera Club at the Velodrome

I am a member of a Camera Club – with the idea that perhaps I will learn something as a result of the competitions, and guest speakers and networking with other members.  And I do, but feel quite overwhelmed in the midst of a whole lot of talented photographers.  I am not good at photography – would never call myself a photographer, as I try using some of the myriad of settings on my Canon camera, but often resort to using the automatic settings.

Last night we had a ‘prac night’ at Chandler Velodrome; at the Sleeman Sports Complex  one of Brisbane’s major cycling venues. I’d never been to the venue, though it is not far from where I have been living for the last 20 years or so.

The last time I was at a cycling track was when I was a child – there was an outdoor one near my grandmother’s place and we’d often watch the riders.  Bicycles and the paraphernalia they wear, and everything is much more sophisticated now than it was way back then (and I won’t say what year that was!!), but clearly much has changed.

The only time I see any cycling is on television – of course mainly with Olympics or similar.  I remember recently watching the London Olympic cycling on television.  It is an exciting sport – and at that level quite different to just watching practice at a Velodrome.

As for taking photos – it is not easy, especially at night!  We were in the centre of the huge velodrome and set up our cameras on tripods, and waited for the cyclists to appear.  I have uploaded my photos to my computer, and some I thought looked good on the screen on my computer don’t look so good now they are bigger.  It was an interesting exercise and I learned much.

One of my fellow members came with her camera gear in a wheeled shopping trolley, and she also had a small fold up seat.  I have the trolley, but will purchase a seat.  Save my aching back. And yes, I did learn a few things about my camera and taking photos at such a venue.  I don't have many good ones so show for it though.

I rather like the blurry action shots!!!


Christine said…
Yes I like the blurry ones too, but it's hard to tell who's who. You never know, you might have caught my son doing the rounds here.
Di Hill said…
Really? I didn't know your son might have been there. Have a lot more blurry photos (ha ha) too. Thanks for dropping by. D

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