Wellington Point

This spot on Moreton Bay has always been a favourite of mine.  When we first came to Brisbane in the 1970's, we learned that my husband's parent's had befriended a lady from Wellington Point on a trip to the UK some time earlier.  We visited Hazel on many occasions and I recall she gave me some banana plants which were potted, and we took them back to Sydney on one subsequent move and then back to Brisbane.  Some of the descendants of the the original plants were still growing at our last house, but as I am of "no fixed abode" now, I have had to say farewell to my banana plants.  One day I will grow them again.....

As I am house sitting at Birkdale which is quite close to Wellington Point,so this morning, just after the sun had risen, I set out with camera in hand to see what I could record of this area.

Just off the point is King Island a coral cay, which was declared a Conservation Park in 1994.  It is about 1 km from Wellington Point and at low tide can be easily accessed - just make sure you know the tides and don't get caught stranded on the island!  A family lived there around 1904-06 - and you can read about them here and get more information from the Wynnum Manly Historical Association.

King Island at dawn, Sept 29th, 2012
Lovely swimming area and great picnic amenities

Looking across to Manly Harbour

Park and picnic area

Wellington Point Jetty

I have already been busy at the house today - doing a few things in the garden, cleaning the pool and picking mulberies that are growing and fruiting in the back yard.  Actually it is a neighbour's tree.  

There are lovely homes in the area, and a canal estate close by.  Wellington Point is a far cry from what I recall from the early 1970's and I'd be interested in living in the area if I could find something affordable.  Dream on....


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