Victor Harbour and surrounds

Another fine day - well, there are often clouds and occasional rain, but when we arrive at our destination, or a place to explore the skies open up and are blue with occasional clouds and just about perfect for our adventures.

We set of on the South Road, and our first stop was at the Information Centre just before McLaren Vale.  We did explore the exhibits there and enjoyed a cup of coffee in the cafe.

The vast acres of vineyards stretching out on both sides of the road, with little cottages and great homes that have been in the area for nearly 200 years.  The skies darkened and rain threatened.

Vineyards around McLaren Vale

Hundreds of Alpacas 

Granite Island, at Victor Harbour

The sea near Victor Harbour

A Victor Harbour Seagull

Roadway at Currency Creek

Both Bev and I had spent time in these parts over the years, but just wanted to 'drive by' - we chose not to go onto Granite Island - we'd both done that many times and besides the wind was icy and strong which would have made it unpleasant.

It is wonderful to see how much history is preserved in the region, plenty of old homes and old corrugated iron sheds etc.  So wonderful to see.  We went through McLaren Vale, Victor Harbour, Goolwa, Currency Creek, and Mt Barker.

Quite a few photos - lots of memories....


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