The Tulip Festival

Our next adventure was to Lilydale - we'd found information about a Tulip Festival so we decided to go there.  So we set off to go to Lilydale by train, but sorting out the trains was a challenge, with confusing information on the destination board, however after we asked a few fellow passengers we found out how to understand the trains.

It was an hour's journey to Lilydale, but most fascinating watching the scenery pass by - wonderful old homes, crappy needing repairs places, shopping complexes, graffiti, grafitti, graffiti, until we got to Lilydale.  We caught the 663 bus to the festival that took us on a journey of some 30 minutes to the festival grounds near Wandin.

I had imagined the festival to be a bit bigger, but it was spectacular with a wonderful array of flowers

We wandered around the acres of tulips which were wonderful.   There were many visitors there in national costume - folk from Turkey.  I did not know until then that tulips originally came from Turkey - hence the Turkish connection.  In fact this weekend is the Turkish Festival there with music, food etc from that part of the world.

Lunch was in one of the many tents - and soon after we had lunch we decided to catch the bus back to Lilydale.

Back to Lilydale and another bus - this time a much shorter ride, to the Lilydale Campus of Swinburne University - which is the university through which I did my Masters, but this was the first time I had been on the campus or even met up with anyone from Swinburne.

The campus is closing down in 2013, so I am glad I have been there - it is wonderful really with fabulous views.


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