Settling in .....

The last few weeks have been chaotic.  Moving out of one house sit, a few days at my daughter's place, and then off to Melbourne and then Adelaide, then back to Brisbane, a few more days at my daughter's, and yesterday moved into the house sit.

The owner of the house went off on her 8 week holiday this morning, so I am still settling in.  I feel extremely comfortable here - the house is big, great outdoor eating area, large yard, and a pool.  But there is a really good feel about it all.  I feel I have much more freedom here, though it will be a few days before I really settle in.

I have a meeting tonight, and tomorrow I am back to my volunteer post in the Information Centre at Wynnum, and then a procession on Friday for the local footy team who won the premiership.

I think by Monday I will feel really relaxed and able to write more freely, but I want to get really settled and make plans for the next 8 weeks.

This house sit is at Birkdale - some 10 or so kms from Wynnum, and I am mostly familiar with the area, but I will explore around here.  It is not far from the sea, but in a leafy suburb where the council is wanting to remove the large trees that were planted quite a few years ago, but are now causing problems as they are through the power lines, and lifting the pavement.

All is well at the moment.  I am happy here.  And Allie the dog is happy with me.


manthy said…
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I have been a loyal follower of your blog for over a year.

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