Port Adelaide

Early today we visited Glenelg, wandering along the shops and cafes that are on both sides of Jetty Road, and we bought a sandwich in a shop and sat in the car watching the sea from just north, near the Patawalonga River which when we were children was a place that was not very attractive, but now is beautiful with a marina full of beautiful boats.

After lunch we visited a friend in nursing home - we all did our nursing training together, but sadly she is confined to a nursing home with a very debilitating illness.

Afterwards, the way home, we made a quick decision to visit Port Adelaide - though only for a brief tour.  There are some wonderful old buildings, thankfully many restored, though many more in need of repair and restoration.

Recently there must have been an artistic festival as many road signs, trees etc were decorated with knitted or crocheted items.


textilefiend said…
We lived near Glenelg about 12 years ago - you are bringing back memories! Love the yarn bombing!! Something I've always wanted to do.
Di Hill said…
Hi Textile Fiend - we are enjoying visiting places that my friend and I remember from our childhood - we were both Adelaide girls, so very much travelling along memory lanes. Di

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