Melbourne by Bus

I had been on the bus before - the FREE TOURIST SHUTTLE BUS  that makes its way around Melbourne city and surrounds.  It takes off every 30 minutes or so (check times and stops) and gives a wonderful overview of the city.

Clearly one needs more days to get off and explore at each of the stops and today we only alighted at the Queen Victoria Markets and went for an all too short wander through the markets and then through the fruit and vegetable stalls into the food hall, where we tasted and purchased cheeses, olives and much more.  If only we were staying longer and were able to cook and prepare our own meals, but the small selection of foods will be put to good use.

We had a bit of fun with two guys who were in seperate stalls - selling opals.  I twigged that they were brothers and when we visited brother number 2 (Boris) I asked him about his brother.  Initially he looked a little shocked, but later when we chatted with brother number 2 (Yuri) we had quite a lot of laughs and he told us about his arrival in Australia from Russia about 25 years ago.  He's never been back to Russia since and is proudly Australian, though is hoping to go back in two years time.  Sadly his children do not speak Russian, and have not wish to do so.   Anyway we had a  wonderful chat with him.

We got off the bus in the Docklands area and walked back to our hotel.  I might add that we had borrowed two umbrellas from the hotel, and though it rained on and off, at no stage did we need our umbrellas.  We found a great restaurant opposite the Channel 9 building adjacent to Etihad Stadium, and we had a very late lunch there.  We were impressed with the steak sandwich, and would happily eat there again.   However, what distressed us was the number of smokers. No, they did not smoke IN the restaurant, but just outside, and folk from the offices opposite came down in droves to smoke.  What do they think?  Mostly young people who clearly do not think they are at any health risk from this past time.


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