Another lovely day in Melbourne.  My cousin drove to Williamstown, and we wandered around the parks - the water was still, but Melbourne and surrounds was in a haze of smoke and fog. We walked along the foreshore to the cricket ground and back again.

We went to the Information Centre, and discovered that the Steve Irwin was in port, so we went to take a photo of it.

Afterwards it was back to cousin Carol's for lunch and then we caught the train into Melbourne itself, wandered around Federation Square and then headed to the Art Gallery, and then back to the city for a bus trip around Melbourne..  These shuttle buses run every 30 minutes around Melbourne, are free, and if you wish you can get off and explore and get back on the next one.  As it was late in the day, we just enjoyed the ride, and familiarised ourselves with Melbourne city.

Then it was back on the train to Yarraville, and a wander around some marvellous shops.  On Monday's not all are open, but we managed to enjoy ourselves without spending any money.

After wandering the streets for a while, we found a restaurant The Bad Moose  and enjoyed a seafood meal before wandering back through the dark streets of Yarravillle to my cousin's home.  A few glasses of wine and we were off to bed.  ZZZZZZZZZZ.


Anonymous said…
Ah yes this is a pretty nice city, although the wind was cold yesterday. My cold has freshened up and my throat is sore, so am having an easy day. Graduation tomorrow. Chris.

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