Housesitting - continuing to learn....

One thing that I note as I house sit, and seldom write about, is what one learns.  Strange things often, like a new product or service that the home owner users.   Today it was simply prunes - the lady buys them in a cardboard container with a lid (cannister)  - so can access the items easily, put the lid back on and place them in the refrigerator ready for the next time she wants to enjoy a prune.  Nothing amazing about that really - but I have continued to buy prunes in a plastic bag/type container.  She left her container in the fridge and invited me to use them as they will have passed their use-by-date when she returns. However, this brand is imported from the USA - so I am unlikely to buy them, as I prefer to use Australian products.

However information on their website about the nutritional benefits of prunes is interesting and worth reading.

Also in this house I have found that the bath towel rail in the bathroom is much higher than every other house I have been in - and I love it as I tend to use 'bath sheets' which are larger and in some places almost dangle across the floor.  In MY house I will ensure that the towel rails are higher than is normal!

Placement/height was a factor in a previous house - though it was the dishwasher.  The home owner insisted the builder of the kitchen ensure that the dishwasher was placed some 15 inches from the floor - thus allowing the owner, (who has a bad back) to fill and empty the dishwasher without having to strain her back.  Again, a brilliant idea.

I learn about different placements of items around the home, and some things I am not happy with, and others I am impressed.  Different products - from foods to utensils etc.  I hate using melamine or similar crockery - and have my own dinner set which I prefer to use rather than melamine or Corelle.  Fussy aren't I?  I like to use my own (bamboo) teatowels, and also prefer to have my (bamboo) bedsheets to sleep on.

It takes a day or so to (a) familiarise myself with keys, locks, windows, microwave oven (the one here does not have a rotating glass dish to place food on) and so on.

I like to study how folk live and work - we are all different and I like to gain new ideas.


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