Hahndorf is a famous town in the Adelaide Hills - famous because in the early history of South Australia, it was inhabited by a wonderful group of folk from Germany.  The men went off to work and earn money leaving the women behind to bring up children, and grow crops to keep everyone.  As time went on, wonderful stone buildings were created and now on both sides of the main street of Hahndorf are wonderful stone buildings housing a wide array of wonderful shops - wine and cheese tasting, fabulous hotels, cafes and restaurants, and great accommodation.  

Along the street, and up side streets you will see wonderful stone buildings.

Old Mill Hotel

Bev's Giant Chocolate Crumble and her huge coffee

My Vanilla slice.

We went for coffee and cake at a little cafe, and Bev was served with the biggest piece of  'cake' I have ever seen on a plate.  So much, that people walking past stopped, gobsmacked at the size of the piece of cake on her plate.  Some even took photos.  We laughed and laughed.

A slab hut which is on a property which backs onto the main street of Hahndorf
We parked our yellow Hyundi Getz in the main street and walked along one side, and back along the other side, checking out the shops, tasting cheese etc.

Afterwards we went to Hans Heyson's property, The Cedars.


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