We had a quiet day - I did go and have my hair done, though really it wasn't necessary as my 'trencher' would cover my head, and lunch was in a little cafe near our hotel before heading back to prepare for the event.

The Graduation venue was a short 5 minute walk from here, and I had to be there three hours before the event, but the time went quickly.

Despite the fact that I had paid for my graduation attire, there was a problem.  They did not have it.  I can't blame Swinburne of course, as there is another organisation that does all the graduation stuff.  Eventually I had a senior member of staff help me and eventually I was all dressed and ready to go.

Out in the foyer we met a guy who was to be awarded his Doctorate.  We had so much fun speaking with Dr Gareth, who had a wild sense of humour.  I had paid for a photo sitting, so went and did the photo thing.

Eventually a bell was rung, and we assembled ready to enter the auditorium.  We collected a program as we entered, and when we sat down (two rows from the front), we learned that we were the only two from our course of many who had turned up for graduation.  It was a shock in a way, as we were hoping to put a face to some of our fellow students.  As it turns out - we have never been face to face with any of our lecturers, tutors, or fellow students and never set foot on the campus, which is about to close!!!!!!

After being given our instructions about what we had to do, the families and friends entered, and just before 6 pm there was a most interesting set of dances by two indigenous men, with a third to the side playing awesome music on the didgeridoo.

In typical university style there was much custom and 'performance' and soon the procession entered the room and we sang for the National Anthem.  Speeches for short and soon the lines of students, many, many, from overseas, were presented with their certificates.

Chrstine and I were towards the end, but the applause was continuous and a few light hearted moments with either a response from a graduate, or a yell from the audience and soon it was all over.

A student spoke briefly, thanking Swinburne, and speaking about the closure of the Lilydale Campus, and urging the universityy to reverse the decision.

Soon it was all over the procession marched out of the auditorium, and this time we were part of it.

Following was some wonderful food and plenty of it, so we had no need to go out to dinner.  We chatted with a few people, took some photos, and eventually set off to return to our hotel.

It was pouring with  rain, but we managed to get back the short walk without getting drenched.

We celebrated with a glass or two!!!!


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