Across the Border to South Australia

The scenery was constantly changing - small towns, bigger towns, acres of canola, farm animals, waterways, acres of green, small towns with little happening, lots of silos, silos being prepared, farms, lots of rubbish along the railway and adjacent areas.

Huge Silos

Along the way
The flats at Murray Bridge
Over the Murray at Murray Bridge
An old deserted home adjacent to Murray Bridge Station
The train was a little late getting into Adelaide, and the last part of the journey was slow through the Adelaide Hills where there had been much railway repair work, and of course too dark for photos.

How I wished I hadn't had to take the photos out of the train window - the glass reflection is always annoying but many of the photos did not show any reflection.

Arriving at Keswick is a challenge - the crowds race to collect their luggage in a crush that was reminiscent of the China bus stops, but we soon found our luggage, and set off.  Because the Overlander runs on a different gauge of rail line than the Adelaide trains, one has to get a bus from the station into the city and it was here that my friend and I parted company - she on the bus and me with my sister who was there to collect me.

(The only native wildlife we saw was a small emu around Geelong, and at two different places a kangaroo - = 3 native animals)


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