Where do my readers come from?

(I have been exploring my statistics to determine where my readers come?  What country?  I am surprised that there are a high number of readers from places like Russia, but not surprised to see that my readership in Australia (my home country) is low, and readership in USA is more than 8 times greater than my Australian readership.)

This is my last week in the house sit at Manly.  I shall miss my early morning vista's towards Stradbroke Island, and watching the sea as it changes colour, and mood.  Today there are clouds on the horizon so the water is insipid blue, but relatively calm.  There are the occasional boats (tinnies) - small aluminium fishing boats as the Saturday morning recreational fishermen go out on their journeys in search of fish.  Fishing hasn't been good lately.  My fishing gear waits to be 'christened'.

On Wednesdays the yachties head out in the afternoon - WAGS - Wednesday Afternoon Gone Sailing, and the sea is their playground for several hours.

Next weekend, I pack up and ready to 'escape' on Monday morning - and leave the place as clean as I can.  Luckily the cleaning lady arrives on Monday afternoon, so she will add the extra polish so the owners come home to a clean fresh house.

Yachts in Manly Harbour this week
I have a few days left in Brisbane, and will attend various presentations at the Brisbane Writers Festival from Wednesday to Saturday, and on Sunday I fly off to Melbourne.


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