What is it I Don't Like About Housesitting?

The truth of the matter is that I long to have my own home.  Use my very own things, and not have to be extra ordinarily careful when I use things of the home owner.

Now, let me explain.   I am terribly grateful for the three home owners who have enabled me to 'squat' in their homes, and take care of their house, pet, garden etc, but there is nothing like being in your own space.  I don't have my own space.  At the moment most of my 'worldly goods' are housed in a shipping container on my daughter and son in law's property.  If I want to find something it is a bit of a hunt.  I didn't put all the things there, and some boxes are a mystery to me.  When I left my husband, I had nothing, but two years  of house sitting has enabled me to work out what I want to do.

I am feeling somewhat restricted at the moment.  I think it is about 5 years that I have been 'roaming' and having to make do, and I don't see that changing for a year or so.

I like my own sheets (bamboo of course), and I use them on my bed.  In this house I use the dining table for my computer and the bar for my printer.  Nothing is as I would like it.

I am often fearful that I will break something, or render something useless.  I guess that might indicate how careful I am using the home owners things.  Luckily in all the years of house sitting nothing like that has happened.

In some homes I have got on speaking terms with some neighbours - in fact had a very good relationship with one, but there is a sense of aloneness about it all.

One of the major things that is occurring now is that I have no fixed address.  So many documents require you to have a 'street address' and when I say, "Well, I don't have a fixed address.  I am in this house for the next couple of weeks, then I am travelling, then in another house for a few weeks, and then travelling again" it creates problems.  "Homeless"  "No fixed abode"  - I could use my son's address, but he's had a couple lately and currently he is 100 kms from where I am now, and my daughter lives close by, but her house is on the market.  Also I am required to give a landline phone number.  I don't have one.  It is quite annoying at times.

Now I am counting down to my trip.  Hoping that I can finance it without too much hassle, and hoping that it is successful in many ways.

What are my goals on this journey?

  1. To see more of Australia
  2. To take photographs - especially of the outback and historical places.
  3. To meet the wonderful women and men who live in the 'country'.
  4. To safely circumnavigate most of Australia.
  5. To do occasional workshops for Writers
  6. To maintain my blog and grow my list of readers
When do I go?

I am due to set of late in November.  My last house sit finishes on November 20th, so perhaps a day or two after that.

Why am I going alone?

I don't know anyone who likes doing what I like doing.  I want to be totally in charge of what I do - so will be a solo traveller. Some have volunteered to come with me, but they have restrictions.  Must be back by...... bla bla.  I don't want to be tied down.  

When do I return?

Who knows?  Maybe May or June 2013.

What will I do then?

Who knows, but I hope to find a small house to rent - perhaps in the country.

This photo I took recently - and playing with the ISO this strange photo appeared in my camera.  I hope I can do better on my journey.


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