Some Things about House Sitting.

A reader has commented that I don't write too much about house sitting - I am sorry about that - so this post will I hope address that.

I have been house sitting on and off for about 7 years now - good ones and bad ones.  Living in someone else's house is not always perfect.  I don't complain as I house sit for a reason - once to get away and get peace for writing and later when I became homeless.  Not under the bridge living homeless, but still, I had no home/base of my own due to marriage breakup.

House sitting has been good to me though - and I have learned to bring a small supply of my own things - things that I like.

They include

  • My own bed linen.  I love my bamboo sheets, and I like my own silk pillow.
  • My own bath towel. I actually like a bath sheet - a BIG towel.
  • My own electric WOK.
  • My own iron - (this house has a fancy one that I need instruction on, so happy to use my own for the little ironing I need to do)
  • My own cups and saucers.  (I know, petty, but I just like them)
  • A box or two of foodstuffs.

I do cart a computer, printer, camera and a box of cables too - but not too bad.  Also I have both winter and summer clothes with me, as I have needed warmer ones during winter, and with spring about to start  ......

House sitting is more about having someone IN your house to deter robbers.  And pet care of course.  In this house I have no pet to worry about, but the house is also a business, which someone else cares for - but there are some security issues.

Pet caring is ok with me - but I have some rules.  Cats are ok, small dogs are ok - that is one small dog - not a group of them! Fish are ok.  No rats, or snakes please.

I always meet once or twice with my host family and I ask for a lot of information - contact details of some family member should I need help.  I like to have plan B - what if I get sick or someone close to me (e.g. 97 year old mother interstate) does.  

I need to familiarise myself with the house, layout, keys, security, etc.  

I have had some quite weird experiences - drunken neighbours destroy a pool fence on Christmas eve to have a swim, water pipe burst and damage avoided because of my action, drunks on the property etc, dog rushed to vet.  And so it goes.

Most of my work comes by referral - and I knock back 90% of the requests, just simply because I am already booked.  I have friends who do it too.

One has to be reliable, and some folk are asking for police clearance but it has never been an issue for me.  I have my own car though sometimes I have been provided with a car too.  

Why am I thinking of giving it up???  I just long to have my own place again.  Maybe next year.


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