Shopping, shopping

Isn't it amazing how inexpensive women's clothing is at the moment?  Not that I need anything, but I am, like any woman, tempted.  I have been looking for a loose long sleeved shirt to wear while driving - I want to protect my arms from the sun as I drive, and I have found it hard to source what I had in mind.  Until yesterday.

And guess what!!  The only colour I could find was purple.  My family and friends know that purple is my favourite colour, but it also seems to be the colour of choice for a range of manufacturers.  Still, I did smile as I walked to the counter with the shirt, wearing a purple t-shirt, purple ear rings, and scarf.  The shirt is much larger than I would normally buy, but as it's sole purpose is to protect my arms and go over other clothes I chose something that would be loose on me.

Also bought a new GPS - the old one was at the end of its life (things usually pack it in at about 2 years of age!!).  The new one has a bigger screen and free lifelong upgrades - lifelong of the GPS that is!

One of the other items I was interested in was one of the "My Family" stickers for the back of my car.  I found one with a 'mother' with a pile of books.  Will probably put it on this afternoon, but for today I am going to the Ekka.  I love going - I usually run around and look at things, take a few photos, and head home.  No show bags, no scary rides.  I like looking at the animals, the crafts etc.

The above photo was taken on a walk earlier this week - it is an old quarry that has filled with water, and is now a nature park.


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