Shameless Self Promotion

I have this day sent emails to friends and  writing colleagues asking them to visit my blog.  If you have arrived here as a result of that email, I thank you.

I find it extra ordinary that I have far more readers in the USA and Russia than I do Australians.  I think that says much more about the greater population of those two countries, and the obsession by Americans, particularly women, on blogging.  I think we must spend more time enjoying the great outdoors - and why not.  We have some wonderful weather most of the time.

I have this day written a letter to my local state parliamentarian about addresses for 'homeless' people like me.  I have had a 'discussion' with an officer of "The Department of Transport and Main Roads" when I went to change the address on my driver's licence.

I have asked that my mailing address be used instead of a physical residential address, as I have "no fixed abode" and the easiest way for anyone to contact me is by mobile phone, or my post box.  I will have about 20 addresses between now and the end of November, and clearly I will spend all my time in the dreaded queue in the transport office if I was to update them each time/day I move.

I should use a family member.  MMMM... Daughter has house on the market and will move soon to heaven knows where, and son is living at a new address on the Gold Coast and will hardly ever know how to contact me other than by cellphone.

Could I use a South Australian address - my sister has been in the same house for some 20 years?  No, I must have a Queensland residential address.

I am rather enjoying the discussion with them, as every suggestion comes to nought.  I could use a friend's address - but that won't help anyone track me down.  I don't advise ALL my friends, exactly where I am.  Not hiding - but email or phone me and you will get a quick response, but that doesn't work for the government.  Where do I register as my address for voting.  Still have to deal with that one.

Meanwhile it is a stalemate.  I am rather enjoying it - as they ask me some very strange questions.

I think I will just go and have a cup of tea and a giggle about it.  Back to the Transport Department this week for round two!!!  And the other government departments that can't cope with the idea of a senior woman being 'homeless' or 'no-fixed abode'.

(My cup and saucer is from  Robin's Kitchen at Wynnum Plaza purchased from my winnings in a lucky draw.  $50 to spend at the Plaza and I spent it all at Robins.)


Ask Aunt Em said…
Love this! I am soon to be leaving the bureaucracy and I know the inflexible nature of the 'forms'.
Mrs Catch said…
Hi. Coming to you from the Woo newsletter. Live your outback photos. That last one of the pool was a stunner! Enjoy your travels and I'm looking forward to some more stories.
Mrs Catch
China Chris. said…
Yes Di, am in the same boat. We have been house-sitting for the past couple of years now, but we use our sons home address as our permanent address. I don't know how else you will get around it. Other house sitting friends use a PO Box and their sons address. I think in the end, that there is no budging them on this. Centrelink especially need a home address. So I reckon it'll be your daughters address at least in the meantime.

Of course, as we are encouraged more and more to be online customers, and Centrelink and ATO also want this, the time must come when they allow us to be on-line or cyber citizens. Most of us do almost everything online, booking flights, banking, our tax returns, we hardly ever send a snail mail letter, we could buy and sell out souls without ever fronting up to a person, but red tape dictates we must abide somewhere. There are thousands of gray nomads out there, on the road for years at a time. But red tape doesn't take that into account.
It will be interesting to see if you make any headway with this, but I think I won't hold my breath.
China Chris. said…
Haha, got ahead of my self. Now have to rewrite the whole comment, so will make it a bit briefer.

Like you, we have been house sitting for almost two years and have the same problem. We use our son's address, and other house sitting friends do the same, along with a PO Box where friends can access it if necessary.

I don't think there is any way around the red tape they insist on. Centrelink especially need a home address. In contrast, the big corporations like Centrelink, ATO etc encourage us to be cyber citizens and do everything on line. We can run almost our entire lives without seeing a body these days, but we aren't allowed to be cyber citizens when we travel.

There are thousands of gray nomads out there, they must all have the same problems.

I doubt you'll make any headway, it might be your daughter's address for you.
Di Hill said…
Thank you for all your comments. I'll let you know how I go with the forms Chris. I am hoping my daughter won't move until I get back from my trip.

I will visit the blogs of any who visit here.

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