I guess not all travellers take a printer with them.  I had planned to take my Brother Laser printer, however, I am pondering taking a Canon Inket, so that I can print some photos as I go.   I might be able to sell them on cards as I like to do.  I had pondered buying a more expensive printer which just does 6" x 4" prints - still considering my options.  I do have an old inkjet and was going to get some new inks, but I remembered that the last time I used it, the printing was all squishy, so I just purchased a new printer online from Officeworks, which I hope will arrive on Monday.

I have some work to do for the Bayside Information Centre, plus I want to create some letterheads for myself in colour and I don't wish to pay to have a large number printed, as I will only use small number of them.

It was important to me that the new printer is light, and of good quality, so I hope I have chosen the right model.  The Officeworks store I visited did not have one available, so, I used their online system for the first time.  Quick and Easy.

This morning I attended my second patchwork class at Dolls and Doilies at Wynnum - I will end up making a quilt, and I am surprised how well it is coming together.  I had no plan other than to learn the techniques - that I might be able to use some time in the future.  I have been able to cut and sew blocks together, but I needed to learn more about organising the backing and finishing a quilt.  I  may get serious and make some next year, when I return from my journey.


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