Maggie Season

I was going to go for a ride on my bicycle before I move houses, but I am having second thoughts.  It is magpie season!!!  I love magpies - they are wonderful, regal looking black and white birds, and for most of the year they are harmless, but come nesting season they get all paranoid and go crazy protecting their territory.

At this time of the year, riding or walking in their territory is asking for trouble.  Usually a lone bird will swoop down and attack the human riding or walking in the vicinity of the gum tree where the nest is sitting.  They will peck at eyes and head - and have been know to cause quite a lot of damage to people's faces/heads.

There are all sorts of things done to protect one's head - from wearing icecream containers with eyes painted on, to wearing bicycle helmets with a myriad of computer cable ties sticking out of them, to waving flags and sticks.

Most folks 'know' the area where a savage magpie holds humans at bay each spring, but even then, they can end up victims.

For more information about Australian Magpies, click here.

At this house sit I am having more trouble with galahs.  They nest in the tree at the front of the house, and all night throw down small pieces of branches, and the bean like seeds which make a mess of the house.  As well, the garden is splattered with bird poop.

Now, I love birds, except when they make a mess or when they dive bomb me.  I think I will just put the bike away.


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