Three Trips I must do in the Next Three Months

It is some three months before I set off on my adventure around Australia – and I have a few adventures to have before I go.  I have been increasing my driving recently, in part to be more comfortable with driving on country roads or long distances.  As well, I like the freedom to choose what I want to do and where I want to go.  I am not a person who goes from A to B without stopping and exploring between – and I find the most amazing places and things when I venture off track.

I do have a few places to visit before I set off on my journey.  They are

  • Mt Mee – this is some 75  kms from Brisbane, and I have little recollection of visiting this place, but it is becoming more developed and there are some great places to visit e.g. wineries, and other tourist spots.  Also there are some stunning views back towards the coast.  Here is some tourist information.
  • Boonah – again it is a long time since I have visit this place in what is known as the Scenic Rim.  I remember a great winery and lavender farm here, and I would love to visit the place and take some photos of the acres of fabulous lavender.  As well the town centre, which is more villagey, has some wonderful shops.  Tourist information on Boonah
  • Bribie Island – I will be going to Bribie in October, for a Writer’s Retreat, but will try and find time to visit a friend from way back.  I usually stay overnight at the retreat and visit Sally on my way home, but as I am only going for the day (house sitting duties and a dog to take care of at Birkdale. (It is possible that I can visit Mt Mee and Bribie Island on the same day).  Tourist information on Bribie.


What a great blog and wonderful thing to be doing!I am from the states and one of the things on my bucket list would be. to visit Australia. I wish you all good things on your journey in Dec! Marilyn
Enjoy your trip and hope its well recorded.
Di Hill said…
Come on down Marilyn!!! You are most welcome.
Di Hill said…
I will of course take photos, write etc Peter. You will see it all here.
China Chris. said…
Have looked further down your blog, have used the utube link about 10 ways to use twitter. Very good, covered things I had not seen before. Am tweeting. May not be perfect yet, but am trying. Lana.
Di Hill said…
Hi Lana - will look for your tweets. Thank you for dropping by. Di

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