How others live.....

House sitting gives you insight into the way others live.  I mean, the way they shop (reviewed by what is in the refrigerator or pantry) , how the house is set up and laid out, security (or lack of it), the way the yard or garden is set out etc.  Every little thing can be perused or 'researched'.

One of the things that I noticed in particular is security or the way the house is 'locked up', or how they access or exit the building.

I am always conscious of certain things, like security, because I am on my own.  The last house was locked up very well, but if one had to exit in a hurry, one had to find a key to get out.  I always think that this is a danger as, even if the keys are left out in a prominent place, in a panic in a highly volatile event (e.g. fire), one may not be able to see one's way around, let alone see the key.

In our home we made sure we had a secure lock (which was quite solid and moderately sophisticated) but easily opened from inside without the need for a key.

In this house it is much the same, and I wonder sometimes how one would escape if there was such an event.  Really the two 'good' exists are the front door (don't forget the key!!!!), and the balcony, though one would risk breaking legs unless the fire brigade was there with a ladder!!, or the side door (laundry) where funnily enough the secure lock is broken and doesn't work, and it is easier to get out - but to where?  Via the side gate should be the best option otherwise one would be trapped in the back yard, with a high fence, though one could jump in the pool to escape flames.

On the ground floor one could escape from the downstairs bedroom to the back yard too.

I would give this a medium to high rating for escape, but one needs to think about an escape plan.

Which reminds me that everyone should have an escape plan in their house.  Even discussing it with the children.  I know that these days most young folk seem to be aware of these things, though I have a sense that some teenagers opt out of clear thinking.  Is it the constant music from their iPod, music players that seeps a lot of common sense from them?

Luckily, I have not had an emergency when house sitting, but I am pretty careful to switch things off, and lock up securely and be aware of my 'escape route'.

Dear Reader, do you have an escape plan which your family know about and perhaps practice (if you have young ones at home)?

Today's suggestion - make sure you know your own 'escape plan'.


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