Yesterday I went online to check that I had been paid by Adsense - which I had, but to my horror I discovered that much of the money in my account had disappeared.  The only entry that I could see was one for Telstra - which was very strange because I have no account with Telstra - my phone and Internet are with other companies.

I had to wait until 8 am to contact the bank, which I did to discover someone had taken multiple amounts of $70 for "Telstra Prepaid" - and depleted my account.

After a discussion with the bank on the phone, documents were drawn up and faxed to the Capalaba branch, where I went later in the morning to sign and discuss.  It seems I MAY get my money back, but it may take 7 weeks.  In the mean time there will be an investigation.

The account used has a new card, as only 2 or so months ago, someone in Adelaide cancelled the card of another account of mine.  We never got to the bottom of it, but all my cards were subsequently cancelled and new ones issued.  It is a pain as one has to change all the regular direct debits that one has arranged.  And remember new numbers - and that I am not good at.

How the new card was used by the scammer is unknown as I do not use it - it is all online, so unless someone had a scanner and was able to find the number as they walked past me, or something I don't know.

I did post the story, or part thereof, on Facebook.  and I have had a wonderful response from caring friends.

Meanwhile it has made me terribly conscious of the risks, and I will check my account more often.  While it could not have gone on much longer as the balance of my account had almost reached the zero limit and indeed would have without my Adsense earnings.  I will be looking at other alternatives, but we are so hooked on the ease of making payments online.

Sadly many of my friends have also had similar experiences.  Take care!


simonaion said…
OMG! that's horrible! I really hope they give you your money back! I had a similar situation, the money when to another account, and after 3 months they given us only 75% of the money! it was not about adsense, but still the bank is responsible for the money!
Anonymous said…
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