Food Ideas

One of the topics that I have discussed with others in relation to my planned drive around Australia is FOOD!  I am going to take the opportunity to lose weight - so food planning is essential.

While stopping at a restaurant or hotel for a meal will be on my agenda occasionally, I am hoping to save money and calories by my own meal preparation.  It will be important to me to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables along the way of course, and I will take bottles of water to drink as well, and no doubt a bottle of wine will find a place in my esky.

Some places will provide breakfast - often motels provide this as part of their accommodation package, and I will avail myself of that and eat the healthiest food that I can find, but if I am paying for it in a package, I'm not going to waste my money and get other food, unless of course the fare offered does not suit me.  I don't eat eggs very much, so often brekkies come with some cooked egg meal, but I can eat around the egg.

Lunches - I am unlikely to waste time stopping for lunch.  I will of course stop frequently, and will get out my chair and take time out from driving but sitting in a cafe will not be a regular feature of my days.

I have found some interesting canned products - Heinz have small cans (85 g) of shredded chicken breast - in a few varieties.  They are small, light and inexpensive and I can eat half at a time and put the remainder in my esky for later.  I can have them with a salad, or between bread slices or on a bread roll, or even in a wrap if I have them on board.  The website has a lot of other ideas as well, but as I will be doing little cooking I will probably keep to the simple ideas.

Another product I have found is John West cans of salmon.  Quite a variety in small cans, but one of my favourites is the naturally smoked salmon, and I can substitute these - so chicken one day, and salmon another.

Other neat products include a variety of fruit in small tubs, Goulburn Valley brand.  I have fruit salad and diced peaches, but there are more - easy to carry and easy to open. Of course I would rathre have fresh fruit, but there are not many places to get fresh fruit in the outback, so these will suffice.

There are many great poducts on the market, and from late September I shall start collecting items to take.  Meanwhile I will keep my eyes open to see what is available.

I wonder if any readers have any other ideas about suitable, easy food to take on such a journey.


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