Blogging Challenge

I signed up for the 31 Day Blog Challenge - I was going to do it last year, but study got in the way, but I am keen to do it this time.  The program starts next week - 13th August, 2012, and I already have Daren Rowse's book 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.

My copy is sitting in the computer, and I will print out a little of it to inspire me to get writing.

I hope to learn quite a bit which will help me on my round Australia trip - as I will be blogging and taking photos along the way.  Even though I have been blogging for a few years, I still have lots to learn.

Below are two photos I took on a recent cycle to Lota.  Lota Creek winds its way through the mangroves, and there are old boats and old jetties dotted around the area.  In summer it is a haven for mosquitos but none found me - it is still very cold, especially if the sun is not shining.

Jetty to ....?

I don't think this boat will be going anywhere any time soon.
I enjoy riding my e-bike, but it's battery is on its last legs, so it tends to give up before I arrive home, so I ensure I don't take it too far.  Still trying to decide whether to get a new battery, and whether to take the bike with me on my travels.  Thinking..... thinking.....


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