Big Day Out

The family were up early - setting off to Downey Park for a big hockey carnival.  Granddaughter No 2 was playing in the Brisbane team - and they did very well, even getting into the grand final, but were pipped at the post with a penalty corner score for the other side right at the end of the match.

I was a little late - they had already played two games by the time I arrived, and I was a bit miffed I had to park so far away, but there were several events on in the region, and I just had to hoof it.

Mid morning there was a march past of all the teams which came from around the state.  It was a fun march, although I think using the term 'march' is unfair.  It was a colourful event, and everyone enjoyed it.

Granddaughter No 1 tried tree climbing as she was not involved in the carnival.  I heard later that she fell out of a tree.  Mmm.  Luckily no major injuries.

I left not long after midday, and trekked back to the car, and set off for 'home' - my house sit at Manly.

I had made a point to go to the Brisbane Bayside Steam Railway Society Inc, which is on Wynnum Road, opposite the Bayside Secondary College beside the BMX track.

It runs on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month from 10 am to 4 pm.  These dedicated volunteers do a wonderful job and the whole area is a credit to them.  It is a popular place for boys' birthday parties.

The club has a steam locomotive called Dinki Di, it is a 2.4.0 American Logging Loco.

"Members bring their trains to the site on running days. There are a range of locos, Queensland Diesel 1200 Class and DH43 Class locos, a range of sugar cane locos and a range of N.S.W. steam engines.

The track is laid on a mountain range. When you go for a ride on the trains, we leave the station, called Wynnum Junction, round a 120 ft radius to Wynnum Road, and then start to climb the mountain range. The climb has a gradient of 55:1 in which the track rises 4 meters. When stage two is complete there will be a spiral loop incorporating a large bridge.

Here are the contact details if you want to make arrangements for an event, birthday party with them.

PO Box 2244, Tingalpa, Qld 4173
Phone Robert on 3393 3176

Opposite the railway complex is the BMX club, and I watched for a short time the remote controlled cars racing around the track.  I was surprised to see so many people there.

Plenty of entertainment for all ages in the Wynnum area.


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