Best Time of the Day for Photography

While a nice sunny day has some appeal for photography, the fact is that the best light to get the best shot is very very early in the morning, and late in the afternoon.

That will work for me when I am on my journey around Australia, because as most Aussies and those who travel our outback roads know, it is more dangerous on our roads as kangaroos in particular, are likely to leap out into the headlights ie the front of your car, which is likely to cause (a) damage to your car (b) injuring or killing the kangaroo - or worse to the driver and passenger.  I have resolved NOT to drive early in the morning or late in the afternoon - and hope that I will be setting up my camera somewhere at that time to get some really great photos!

When the weather is cooler, bed is enticing, and I shall have some sleep ins, as I do not want to too tired while driving long distances.  I do have an itinerary, though it is flexible, and I have tried to work out places some 200 - 300 kms apart.  If I set of driving at 10 am, and average 80 kms an hour (allowing for breaks for rest and photography) I should arrive at my destination around 3 p.m.

There are some days when I may have no choice but to drive 450+ in a day.  I have created extra rest days before/after these long trips. I will no doubt take photos at times when it is not the best time for photos - but I can hardly be ready at dawn and dusk with such long distances.

This area is quite a challenge for photographers.  It is in a hollow - and early morning it is dark, and late afternoon there are many shadows.  A case for photoshop!


alex hoff said…
hi house sitter .

Your blog is diary of a house sitter but there is no any such kind of post that give some ideas for house sitting...........
Di Hill said…
Hi Alex - There are posts re house sitting, but as I am closing the door on my house sitting, there are more posts about travelling and photos. Is there anything in particular that you would like to know. I have been a house sitter for years - but it is almost time to give it up. thank you for your comment. Cheers, Di

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