31 Day Blog Challenge

Well, it has started and I am so impressed with the blogs of others in the challenge.  I certainly have a lot to learn.  I have done two of the tasks, and one other that I jumped the gun with.

But today I am unlikely to be productive.  The dreaded flu has got me, and I am going to take myself to bed for much of the day to assist in a quick recovery!!  Oh, and I do have a new movie to watch on my laptop if I wish.

I only have about two weeks to go in this house sit - so I shall be starting to pack my things up.

Melbourne and Uni graduation beckons in September, and a train trip to Adelaide.

September will be a busy travelling month, and towards the end of the month I move into the house sit at Birkdale - the last before I head off on my BIG JOURNEY.

Back to bed.  Sniff.  Sniff.


alex hoff said…
Enjoyed your post. Have a great week and enjoy.Thank you

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