The Alarm and the Solar System

I'll update on the Solar System first - at last it is all connected but until the Electricity folk come it is not working. The electrician came today and the panels that absorb the sun's rays is connected to the box, but nothing can be done without a final inspection and connection.  I await.  Another day waiting for someone to come.

On Saturday night early I went out - to take care of two grandchildren.   I was going to take them to a music event, but they were very tired so I ditched the idea.  We were watching television (and I was listening to the Sydney International Piano Competition, when my phone rang.    

It was the neighbours at the house sit.  The alarm was going off at the house.  I bundled the kids into the car, and rushed off to find out if a burglar had entered the house.  Two of the local men had gone around and there was no evidence outside.  The lady from next door and I wandered in the house - checked every room - but there was nothing.  Perhaps a bug had walked in front of the sensor.

So it was lock up again, after resetting the alarm, and take the children back home.

Made for a bit of excitement.


Looks like the censors attacked your post.

Di Hill said…
Thanks Peter, yes some gremlins, but I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.

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