Oh, the solar system.....

As I had my last meeting with the owners of my latest house sit, I was told that there would be some men arriving to install the new solar system.  I'd get a call closer to the date, which I did.  Today the men arrived.  Three men, one truck and another van.

Can I move the cars?  Well, I can move one, mine, but I don't have the keys to the other car, and anyway its battery is removed.

Can I open the garage.  Well, no, I can't.  I don't have the keys.

They are going to put cables and stuff near the entrance - which won't look good.  Let's think about this.

We need to get into the garage which is full to overflowing with things from the business that is run from here.  Not something I have anything to do with, and I can't do much about it.

"Can we speak to the owners" - Well, they are somewhere in Europe.  And so it went.

As best I could and with the help of the lady who is looking after the business in the absence of the owners, we sorted things out.  The installers were somewhat happy, but the changes it all necessitated, made it a bigger job.  Would I sign the documents for payment?  No way.

Strange things can happen at house sits, and this is one of the strangest, as I watched a crane lift things onto the roof, and hard the men walking over the roof.  The job is still not finished, but it will be later today with any luck.

Looks like it will all turn out ok in the end.


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