History Visits

On Saturday I called into the Shire Clerk's Cottage on Tingal Road, Wynnum to have a look inside the Shire Clerk's Cottage.  I love looking at historical places and this is no exception.  I was amazed to find two framed works of art on the walls, that were created with fish scales!  Hard to believe, and I don't know if anyone is continuing with this art.  There were wonderful photographs and items that we oldies are more familiar with.

It was the turn of the Gumdale Museum folk to show off their Museum, and provide lots more fun for those who visited.

There were craft people there - including a lady who does wonderful patchwork (and I am in awe as I have only had one lesson, and have lots to learn.  There was a lady demonstrating toothbrush weaving too.  Toothbrush Weaving????   It turns out that it was probably created in one of the Scandinavian countries a hundred or more years ago, where the ladies created rugs using wooden toothbrushes.  Another name for it is Ragmatting.

The lady I met who was demonstrating her craft sells little 'starter packs' with a wooden (no, it is not a toothbrush), but little tools made by her father, who passed away several years ago, but had enjoyed making them so much that she still has a supply of them.

I have a little kit to learn how to do it.

Inside the museum was fascinating.  I had thought that the building, which looked like a shed, was in fact a shed, but it turns out it was a house and a lady who had been a child in that very house when it was off Rickertts Road, came to see inside.

Inside the museum

Another website and video for ragmatting/toothrbrush rugs is here.


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