Birthday greetings....

It was really one of the best, or perhaps the best birthday I have had for many years.  It started early - as I was awake at 5.30 am (usually I am awake around this time, but this morning I was on a mission.

My son, Gavin, was due to fly in from Finland where he had been for a few weeks with his girlfriend.  His plane was due in at 6.40 am, and I had made allowance for getting through Customs etc, and my timing was right.  As there had been fog in Sydney there were extra planes landing at Brisbane, and the traffic into the pick up area was heavy I chose to drive into the car park.  Just as I was parking the car, Gavin phoned.  He was ready so I quickly parked the car, and went to meet him.  I pushed my parking ticket into the machine - and was pleased that I didn't have to pay anything!

The journey back over the Gateway Bridge (even though it is named after Sir Leo Hielscher we still call it by its original name!), and to our daughter's place, where his car had been stored.

We had coffee and I opened some parcels from the family.  Now my friends have a giggle when they hear what I received!!!  Not me - all were items I will make good use of on my journey.

  • A fishing tackle box and a reel.  (I love fishing, and I have a rod, but I needed reel and box)  They will happily fit in for my journey.
  • A purple camp chair, which is wonderful with several pockets and a wine glass holder.  How wonderful.
  • An esky on wheels.  It will live I suspect on the front passenger seat floor, with those items that I would like to keep cold.  
Way to go!!!

I did receive other lovely gifts too, including some flowers.

Greetings came from everywhere, and Facebook was busy with greetings too.   

As well I had lunch with my daughter at a special place that I had not been to previously.  Gillian's Garden Cafe is very popular, with fabulous food and and amazing array of clothing, flowers, antiques and more.

Gillian Hirst is a very well know foodie in Brisbane, and her sister was a fellow student at Swinburne doing a MA (Writing) too.  Unfortunately Gillian was not there on that day, but perhaps I can catch up next time I visit.  Food was good, and it was just a wonderful place to dine - plenty of atmosphere.

In the afternoon I had some surprise visitors - two grandchildren called in on their way home from school.

Capped off a lovely day in all.


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