As the sun rises..........

I have been at this house sit before, and love so many things about this house.  It is probably the most luxurious of all of the house sits I have done since 2005.  It is not the first at Manly, Queensland, but it is the first that offers me glorious views.

As I sit at the table working on my laptop I can see the red glow of the sun as it strives towards the horizon.  It is a deep outback red close to the horizon, and it fades out to a pale blue.  From here I can see King Island, that little piece of sand island that is accessible on foot at low tide from Wellington Point, and beyond that is North Stradbroke Island.

My vision is obliterated to the left by trees and tall houses, but further on to the left I can see St Helena Island, and further left again, the lights of the Port of Brisbane, where it must be 'daylight' 24 hours a day, as they work continually to unload cargo ships and load them again.

With the grandchildren on Sunday we watched a train with 41 huge bins of coal headed to the Port - we are still trying to find out how many of these heavily laden trains it takes to load a ship to transport the coal to China.  Those of us who catch the train on the Cleveland line - at least between the city and Lindum can see (every day) the high number of trains transporting coal and other goods to the Port.

Sitting at Hemmant station waiting for our train in the morning we could see the huge trucks plying
the Port Motorway, taking different goods to the Port, or heading for the city with their loads, which included cars.  Such a busy corridor.

Meanwhile I sit watching the horizon.  The red glow has paled somewhat and one can see the pollution trapped in the air just over Stradbroke Island.  There are not winds to dispense it.

Out the front of the house are trees which are home to a myriad of birds, but as I write this there is silence.  The day is dawning.



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