Sunshine Coast

Yesterday I drove up to Belli Park (on the way to Kenilworth) to visit Australia Bamboo.  Part of my reason for going was also to drive a good distance - preparation for my long distance driving later this year and into 2013.  I had a plan to do a few things, which I won't go into here, but it all worked out.  Luckily I chose to go yesterday, as today the rain is quite heavy and I would have changed my mind about going.  No need to drive long distances in the rain, if I don't have to!!

The trip was just over 300 kms from here in Brisbane, to Belli Park and back, though I did detour a little as I will explain.  I am conscious of needing a break during driving, and I did not take a break on the journey to Belli Park, but had two short breaks on the way back.

One was to go to the Maroochy Botanical Gardens and I confess I only did a short walk in the gardens.

One funny incident that I will report, is that I paid a visit to the public toilets and there was a lady from the UK, on holiday from over there, taking photos in the facility.  I didn't make any comment, but perhaps there was an odd look on my countenance.  She quickly explained that they were the cleanest toilets she had ever seen!!  Public toilets that is!!!  My, how bad must the UK dunnies be????  Certainly they were clean, and very functional, but I would suggest quite a list of other better or nearly as good as, facilities around the place.   Still, she couldn't wait to tell her Pommy mates back in "the old country" about our grand facilities!!

There were spots of rain when I was there - nothing big deal, but I sat in my car and devoured the snacks that I had brought with me, before setting off again.

My next detour was at Wild Horse Mountain, and I set off to walk up to the top of the mountain where there is a lookout.  I managed to get one third of the way up the mountain, and came down.  I need to be fitter.  Still I managed to take a few photographs through the trees, but it was not a good day for photography anyway.  It was spitting to rain, and I didn't want to have to run down to the car if the heavens opened up if I was up on the mountain.  Maybe another time, and (talking to myself) I must get fitter!!

Mt Timbrogargan

Near the entrance of Wild Horse Mountain

In the bush at Wild Horse Mountain

Maroochy Botanical Gardens


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