The Nullabor? You are kidding!!!

It is some months away, but it is in my plan to drive down to Adelaide via Charleville, Bourke and Broken Hill.  All being well I will head off on December 10th or 11th, 2012.

I will spend a few weeks in Adelaide (perhaps house sitting if I can arrange it), before heading west, but via Port Pirie, Kimba and Port Lincoln.

Then the drive across the Nullabor.  It's been quite amusing watching the response from other when I dare tell of my plans.

Most women initially look in shock, but then tell me that they'd love to do it too, and wish me well with enthusiasm.  Men?  Well, mostly they will try and talk me out of it, especially when they learn that I will be driving my Mitsubishi Lancer.  Not a 4WD??!!!  Shock horror!

A RACQ guy I met while he was working on another car, reckoned I could do it without any problem!  So many folk tell me how boring it must be - and I am sure I will get a bit sick of it.  But, I hope to break my trip up frequently with stops to take photos, or have a drink, or walk around.  And, mostly I don't intend to drive more than 400 kms a day.

And I hope to have many stories to listen to - from Richard Fidler's program on 612 QR and Classic Radio, with Margaret Throsby.  Each take about an hour, and are worthwhile, and I may also add some books to the list too - so that I can listen to them, and there will be plenty of rousing music, and I hope I will have the sense to stop and rest if I need to!

I will have a tent, though I laugh and say, that I am hoping to bring it back in pristine condition, preferably without use, and sell it on Ebay!!!

One thing that I have discovered is that there are quite a few websites with information - stories by others who have done the journey with tips and ideas.  Clearly water is the big issue!  I certainly will be taking plenty of that with me!!  I certainly do not plan to drive at dawn or dusk.  Those are the times I would prefer to be taking photos anyway.  The light is best then - for photography.

The Internet is a valuable source of information - and when the time comes I will be able to check on road conditions too.

Bit by bit I am purchasing items to pack in my car - mindful of weight, size etc.  This week I should pick up the sleeping bag that I have on layby, or maybe next week, and I pick up the folding table I bought and paid for at the Caravan show.

I still have a few items to purchase - and there's no hurry.  Maybe another $300 to spend on items to take - that is not counting food etc.

If anyone has done the drive, I welcome advice, tips etc.  What are the best places to stop?  What are the best photo opportunities?

Please comment - I'd appreciate it.


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