New Business Cards

I have just had business cards printed via Vistaprint  (sorry other printing friends) but I do find the price and the ease of working with them very tempting.  I had a little bit of fun creating these as they have a lovely bamboo graphic and my details in purple.

I did have thoughts of adding 'house sitter' to them, but in the end chose this.

"Writer, Traveller, Camera Addict, Bamboo Fan and Workshop Presenter.

I will have others done, but for the moment I am happy with these despite the fact that I cannot use them yet, as the website I have on them is not active yet.  More work to do.

Most folk who know me would understand the Writer, and Traveller tags, but perhaps no be aware of my addiction to my camera.  I joined a Camera Club and am an enthusiastic participator in their monthly competitions and am finding I am getting good feedback and points.  Whoo Hoo.
Normally the photos I submit are done on my Canon, but I do have another digital camera that neatly fits into my handbag - and I'd rather call myself a Camera Addict than a photographer.

Bamboo Fan?  You will have to wait until my book is published but after living midst bamboo in China, I started to study it, and am overwhelmingly impressed by this grass - which we should be growing more of in Australia.  You can read more about it here at my blog Bamboo Journey.  BTW I'd love to have comments, questions, and information added to that site too.

Workshop Presenter?  Mmm.. Must work on that, but I am hoping to do some workshops on Blogging and Lifestory Writing soon.  It is in the pipeline.


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