My Small Table and Marti

At the Caravan and Camping Show at the RNA recently there was a little table on display in the huge section of Down Under Camping, and as it was a very special price I paid for it, but rather than lug it home on the train, I chose to pick it up from their store at Capalaba.

As it turns out I have passed the store on many occasions as it is directly opposite Officeworks where I spend quite a bit of money from time to time.

I spent some time exploring the treasures in Down Under Camping and found a tent that might be exactly what I want, and some other things.  I am in no hurry to get some of these items as I move house in a couple of weeks, but I will probably visit next week and put some items on layby.

I will miss this house, as I have been here since September last year, but I move to a house in Manly at the end of this month.

I will especially miss my little mate Marti, though of course there are days when I am not happy with him.  Actually if I knew I had to share my bed with him I might never have moved in, but we have learned to keep our distance and for the most part he sleeps on a towel at the far end of the bed, and usually snores lightly all night.

What has been funny is how he feeds.  He has some special food that is supposed to help clean his teeth, and he is given a half a cup of dry food twice a day, and half of that is is special food.  Recently I bought him a pack of chicken flavoured dog food from Woolworths and he's smitten by it, and will pick out the chicken pieces and leave behind the other food.  Then he will come to me and paw at me, and as I walk or run to the back door thinking he needs to 'go' he stops near his bowl, which will still have the special food that he has not eaten.

I tell him, that he gets no chicken feed until he eats all the special food.  The look he gives me is priceless.  He will look at me, then at the plate and I walk away saying "Eat your breakfast/dinner or whatever all up and I will give you chicken bits.  He stares at the bowl for a while and then I hear the unmistakable crunching as he reluctantly eats his way through his not so favourite food.

If I have returned to the desk and my computer, he will quickly come and paw at me again.  Always, when I return with him to his bowl it is empty.  If he could, I am sure he would hide it from me and not eat it, but I am sure he downs it all.

I will miss him.  I think he has put on a little weight and he has lost one of his front teeth in the past week, but he seems pretty healthy.  I hope he stays that way, at least until the owners return.


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