Moving House

Short house sits are easier, but no less challenging.  Living out of a suitcase sucks after a while.  But this house which I have been for nearly 10 months is much like 'home' but I must move on as the owners are coming home from China next week.

I have a house sit to go to - so will move into the 'new' house on the day the family arrive here - can't leave a little dog alone for very long.

Packing up, and cleaning up will be on my to do list until there is no sign of me left here.  I will take some things to the shipping container at my daughter's, and a few things I will take with me to the next house.

I am looking forward to the next house as I will be alone - no animals.  Marti has been waking me up far too early lately!!

I have some two months at the next house - before heading to Melbourne for graduation, and then on to Adelaide to see the folks down there.  So it is a busy time.

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