Money and the lack of it.

I have applied for a few jobs, but several things are against me.  (1) My Age - I am over 60, and even folk over 50 find it difficult to get jobs, and (2) I am over qualified.  Especially now with my Masters. and (3) Knowing that I move frequently and am planning a trip to Melbourne/Adelaide on September (I AM going to my graduation!), and my planned drive around Australia starting in December, I am not a good risk for employment, so will have to rely on other means.

When I move to the next house in Manly, I will put into action some of my plans but in the mean time, have joined this site and so far have earned a small amount of money for my zero financial input.

Luckily I have some finances, though slim, and I will try and save over the next few months.  I have estimated my expenses for the first 10 days of my trip, and hope to be able to fund it from my savings, but will have to supplement it.

I have applied to write for some travel mags too, and hopefully I will have a few more query letters written in the next few weeks, and then of course is my book and photographs.

I am also looking to link with someone who knows more than I do about using Blogger.  I have some questions that are not been answered to my satisfaction on the Blogger site.  I wonder if there are any folk with talent in this area in Brisbane???

One of the many things I am doing in preparation is collecting brochures that provide me with great information on routes, accommodation and interesting places to visit.  There is so much FREE stuff, and I am putting it into a bag.


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