Cook's Travels

Yesterday I was on my way to a Forum with Ross Vasta, the Federal Member for Bonner with Malcolm Turnbull about the NBN network.

As I parked my car I noticed I was out the front of a home with a huge campervan parked at the front, and a gentleman was standing by a car in the driveway.  He nodded and said hello.

I said "Good morning, Mr Cook.  You are Mr Cook?"

He looked a little surprised, but then realised I had read the name on the front of the van.  "Cook's Tours"  He smiled and admitted he was indeed Mr Cook.

I had heard the name before, in relation to travelling as there is a company that publishes directories for tourists, I think mainly in the west of Australia.  Cooks Tours provide free directories and I note that the current ones are up to date to August 2012, which is ofcourse two early for me and my adventure, however, I will make sure I order the current books around the end of the year, so that I can continue my planning for the visit.

I learned from Mr Cook that he is to set off today for a 4 month tour.  He has done others.  He suggested I get a small van, however, it is not my plan. For a start, I don't have the funds for such a van.  And I am hoping to 'surf couch' around Australia.

I wish the Cooks happy travelling.


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