Caravan and Camping Show Brisbane

Yesterday I set off for the Caravan and Camping Show in Brisbane.  I had been to a caravan show some time in the past, but didn't realise it was so popular!  I went by train, which is the easiest and most economical way to go, especially as the train ride between the city and the showgrounds is FREE.

I sat beside a huge guy that had two friends sitting opposite.  They were hilarious.  Obviously good Aussie blokes with a typical sense of humour for country blokes.  One was a pumpkin farmer.  I was trying to read, but they had been in fits of laughter that I saw no sense in trying to continue and put my book away.

I was looking for ideas, information and perhaps some product for my proposed trip at the end of the year.

There was so much to see - and so much that I was not really interested in.  Mind you, I did step into some amazing caravans, but my little Mitsubishi Lancer would not be able to pull anything like that.  Saw one little van, which was a lottery prize and bought some tickets.  Would the Lancer manage that?

I did make some purchases - a neat fold up table, which I will collect from a store at Capalaba next week (didn't fancy struggling on public transport with it!), and some neat graters which will make nice Christmas gifts, and some Mammino Icecream.  I had the macadamia and ginger icecream, as I walked around the exhibits.  Wonderful.  It is worth going to their webside to learn about the wonderful macadamia nut!  "Australia's only native plant to be cultivated as a food crop."   It was very yummy!!!

Also I spoke with Michael Leyland, one of the famed Leyland Brothers who had a stand there promoting his many shows that he did on television all those years ago.  Luckily his name was everywhere, otherwise I might have looked at his face and wondered if I had met him sometime in my life.  No such thing, but watched his show so often, it is as if I knew him.

I was only walking around for a few hours, but soon, had had enough so headed home.


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