Adventure before Dementia

I saw this on the back of a a 4WD on Wynnum Road today.  I'd seen it before, bit it wasn't until I saw the sign that I remembered.  Don't know where, don't know when, but I love it.  Like many, I am trying to fit in as many adventures as possible before it is too late.  Dementia?  Likely for me, so it is something I am concerned about.  My mother is in a nursing home in Adelaide, but she was nearly 90 before she lost the plot.  Maybe I will hang out till then too.

While it is some 6 months before I am due to set off, I am planning.  First of all, I have a list of all the things that I need.  Some I have, some I have bought on ebay, one I have on layby, and others are on the shopping list.

This week, via ebay, came a 'headlamp' - a neat and inexpensive light that I can wear on my head, but it gives me three types of lights - and as they are LED they are very powerful.  Perhaps I will need to look into a dark corner of my car, to see what I am looking for, perhaps I will need to have two free hands while I seek something in the dark, maybe I have to walk somewhere at night.  In any case, I have it.  It does scare the dog - but it arrived safely this week.

I could even use it to read in bed - but as I have the Kindle with the built in light, I think that will suffice.

I also purchased a fold up screen - just in case anyone is keen to give me airtime and let me get my data projector out, to do a workshop on something.  Blogging?  Writing?  Lifestory Writing?  Who knows.

The sleeping bag is on layby, and I'm looking at tents.  As I am tall, I am likely to opt into a 4 man tent, so that I don't have to crawl on my hands and knees.  A kilo heavier, but just as easy to put together.  I hope.

I am in no hurry to buy things, but, it is easier getting them when I see them, and it saves a big bill in 6 months time.


Julie said…
Making my mouth water - no not with dementia but with the adventure before you. Thanks for your help today.
Di Hill said…
Nice to know that you have visited my blog. I look forward to seeing yours when it is up and running!

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